Selected Stories

UCSF Magazine:
Search engine: how artificial intelligence techniques are aiding the hunt for new drugs

Illuminating depression's circuitry

San Francisco Magazine :
What's killing the Bay Area's oysters?

New York Times:
Water use by vineyards is challenged

Longtime emblems of city roofs, still going strong

Bay Nature:
Fish forecast: swimming upstream against climate change

Bay Area plants play it safe, biologically speaking

Getting kids involved in climate science

The grass really is greener: storing carbon in rangeland soils

Campaign to save California's coastal prairie

Sedimental journey: the uncertain future of Bolinas Lagoon

Bohemia Ranch goes public

Farming at the Urban Edge

A city garden at Bayer Farm

Keeping it in the Family in Rio Vista: rural ranching at McCormack Sheep and Grain

Making a PLAN for badgers

Estuary News :
How wild should Drakes Estero be?

Crops in the hot seat

Marin Magazine:

Homegrown success

Rethinking the farm

The wildfire next time

A matter of degrees

Dominican's big debate

Modern Farmer:

How to start a worm bin

How to grow a winter kitchen garden

North Coaster:
Farming on the Edge

Radiating roads capturing asphalt's heat for power

San Francisco closes the lid on garbage

Will America's parks be his oyster?

Will the salmon be back in 2009?

Louisiana fishermen slam claims that oil almost gone, seafood safe

Oil pooling elbow deep under the sand of Grand Isle

For oyster industry, gulf oil disaster is far from over

Oil spill troubles multiply within Vietnamese fishing community

Tribal youth group rises to fight problems exacerbated by oil spill

Alabama shipbuilding town reels under drilling moratorium

Activist leaders take whirlwind tour of gulf

Alabama's sea turtle eggs relocated in massive rescue

Oceana and Greenpeace send research ships to the gulf

Notes from an oiled gulf

The Story Shed (radio documentary):
Surviving and thriving: from Amsterdam to Marin

The 49'ers grandaughter

Trucks, bombs and booze in old-time Marin

The tenacious vines of Jackass Hill

Hanging on to the Home Ranch

Fourteen gates from home

Dancing in the chicken barn

Last of his line

Girlhood on a ranch

Tales from a one-room school

Reviving Redhill Farms

Where roots grow deep

Farming oysters by the bay

To zero gravity and beyond

The West Marin Report (radio news):
Researchers Track Local Birds to Alaska

Distaff thistle threatens to overwhelm Marin farmlands

A "bioblitz" in the watershed

Point Reyes Light:
Food and Agriculture :

Vegan chef builds animal sanctuary in Nicasio hills

Impacts of ocean acidity feed grower's research

Market for heirloom varietals booms as interest grows

Foodshed brings bulk to Inverness

Tribal groups keep rights as state closes waters

Safe food bill threatens small, organic farms

Ranchland to cash in on carbon

What will happen to our cattle if the slaughterhouse is gone?

Bolinas farms cede stream rights to coho

Last Bodega hook-and-line fisherman may see end

Demand for ethanol raises cost of feed

Carbon-happy West Marin

Dogs that think they are sheep

Annual mushroom hunt draws foragers

Fishermen face more red tape

Science and Environment:
Citizens weather network needs volunteers

Atlantic seabird, loitering at Farallones, may signal changing migrations

Green light bulbs use heavy metals

Non-native beachgrass thwarts dunes drift

Uncertain future of seeds

Grunions northern trek

Fish-friendly roads

Tramping through the creek to count salmon

Feral bees in business

Lairds Miwok homestead (part one of a series)

Lairds bohemian decades (part two of a series)

Lairds unclear future (part three of a series)

Local birds in decline

Point Reyes gym too toxic for comfort

Tagged godwit flaps the globe

Park burns Limantour

Local battles exotic grass

Art and Literature:
No consensus for Point Reyes history book

Art lover's guide to Proust

The new West Marin Review

Book brings Tam into focus

In conversation with Mill Valley poet Jane Hirshfield

Painter evokes raw, rough West

Art born out of artifacts

A literary angle on art

Father and son grow fans with book about meth

Shelter on the Pacific Coast

Starlings bus to Bolinas

Painter draws inspiration from her West Marin roots

Camera, easel take to the hills

Artists roam across West Marin in plein air paint-out

Portrait and Passing
In wood shop, a son polishes father's legacy

Gumption and luck make stars out of West Marin twins

Vladimir Nevl, 1930-2008

Joe Mendoza, lifelong Point Reyes dairy rancher

Mendoza matriarch passes away

Julia Butzine, 1914-2008

Stintson Beach woman found herself in the sixties

Lagunitas brewery grows local hops (business profile)

Reconnect with kin after a bomb (business profile)

Lola's depot (business profile)

Women broadcast community radio

Coffee bar owner has big plans

A box of Bolinas greens

Old Tacoma Marine:
M.V. Tuhoe, icon of Kaiapoi